What is Speak On Development?

Speak On Development supports organisations that are committed to actively creating an inclusive culture in the workplace and in wider society.

We deliver seminars and workshops on diversity, inclusion, representation and social issues in a safe space and judgement-free zone to help facilitate difficult conversations.

Our sessions provide a holistic view of the topics, creating impactful, relatable content that helps the audience connect with the subject making it easier to implement change and progression within companies.

Seminars & Workshops

How To Be Anti-Racist

The How To Be Anti-Racist event series was created when Speak On founder, Yolanda Copes-Stepney, released a video in response to the death of George Floyd called “How Racism Feels”.

The reaction led to the creation of a webinar series designed to support and educate people committed to being anti-racist. Which has been developed into a corporate facing seminar and workshop.

We know it’s not enough to be non-racist, we have to be anti-racist, and that means creating inclusive environments, showcasing diversity in work output and more. This can only be achieved by listening, learning and increasing understanding of the impact of racism on individuals and the role it plays in society.

Our anti-racism seminars and workshops combine experiential and evidence-based knowledge through panel discussions, interactive exercises and multi-media content. We support and educate by providing a safe space to have uncomfortable conversations and ask difficult questions without judgement.

We Need To Talk About Mental Health

We Need To Talk About Mental Health online event series was created to offer resources during lockdown. The event series has evolved into sessions created especially for companies prioritising the improvement of attitudes towards mental health and the creation of healthier workplaces.

Mental health is just as important as physical health and our seminars and workshops facilitate open dialogue around the subject to help organisations that are committed to looking after the wellbeing of their employees.

The sessions aim to increase mental health awareness, with our experts covering different aspects of the topic including getting help and support, incorporating mental health wellness practices and action plans, and supporting employees as they return to work or work from home.

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